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Blogging it Up Plant Lady Style

Hello PFOP Peeps,

Welcome to my first blog....ever....for real.....first timer....Is a mid thirty year old to old to blog? Are there blogging rules?? Who decided on the name blog??? Let me know if you have any of those answers for me.. I have always wanted to blog but never had the avenue to do it, but now since I have this "in progress" website I get to blog to my fellow plant lovers. I love all things green, whether it be succulents, perennials, trees, flowers, bushes, you name it I love it all except Lily of the Valley or Carnations I just cant seem to love them, which might make me a terrible person and I am okay with that ! My favorite flower of all time is the Poppy, I find them to be absolutely breathtaking. I recently just met with an allergist where I discovered I am extremely allergic to hornets, honey bees, which explains why swell up like the Hulk after getting stung and not in a cool superhero way. I also have always struggled with seasonal allergies and the test has shown me just how allergic I am to lots of the things I love outside like grass... Seriously grass but I will not let this stop my love of outside, even if it means pulling a rolling briefcase of EPI pens around! Has anyone else every had this same feeling? Something you love but your allergic to? I mean I should be allergic to bread, or chocolate... I could stand to loose a few pounds!

I plan to blog not only on the greener good but various aspects of our human lives, from home and lifestyle to kiddos. I also hope you find me funny because most of the time I find myself hilarious..

Not an actual picture of me blogging

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