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enjoy the crap out of something

Well its been over a year since my last blog, which is well lets be honest my brain is like skittles being thrown up in the air and you can see all the pretty colors crashing to the ground. Why has it been a year, I am sure I have some great reasons why..... commitment issues, the thought of someone silently checking all my grammar mistakes, or maybe I forgot how much I love to write, like the true poetry writing nerd I am. So here we are 8:05 on whatever day it is, I have sort of forgotten what day it is since social distancing started. Its funny I know I am nowhere near a type "a" personality but a routine does help me remember what day it is. Anyways back to the rambling and the point I am trying to make.

Writing, it has truly been something I have loved since I can remember, it was always something I could turn to when life was much more then I could handle, and currently that is my state of madness. I would be lying if I was rocking this social distancing ( I would consider myself an extrovert, maybe not everyday but a lot of days). I am struggling with the thought that my 7 year old asks more questions about the corona virus then I do and I worry that this is affecting him more then I ever wanted it to, the thought that someone I love could be harmed by this shakes me to my core, that my little girl who had made such gains in the MSU speech program didn't even get to say goodbye to her clinician it breaks my dang heart, friends worrying about jobs, small businesses loosing everything they ever dreamed of, missing out on my nephews entrance into this world, everyone that is on the ground zero waking up and continuing to showing up to do the jobs we rely on them to do and take for granted everyday. That's just a fraction of what is buzzing around my brain like most with today's current pandemic. So today I write because its something I love to do, its easier for me to put my feelings on paper then allow them to create mass hysteria in my head,

So my thought for today, with this new found solitude of the minutes ticking into hours DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE ONCE A DAY for yourself, Whether its singing, cooking, running, having a dance party, painting, smelling the fresh air on a walk, whatever it is take the time to do it. One thing we need to practice besides social distancing is taking care of our mental health. So I am going to write more..because I love the crap out of it and that's good enough for me.

Stay golden, spread love and good vibes

be safe and take care

love the plant nerd


p.s. thanks to everyone that said hi to the kids and I on our walk today I needed that more then you know ( and yes it was 6 feet away )

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