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WOOOOHOOO Spring is coming

You guys...I don't know if you know this or not but Spring officially starts this week 3/20/2019 !! I have been sort of lame on the blog front, well because honestly winter has gotten the best of me. However my mood has instantly lifted with more daylight, the sun shinning down with the hopes of melting the mounds of snow. Which I know I am being optimistic that spring will start this week but heck 30 degrees to me is heat wave weather, I already packed my damn winter jacket away, and sometimes I shut the furnace off to just feel like I am winning at life. My oldest (he is 6 with negotiation skills better then most lawyers and an old soul) the other day opened up the window and shouted we just need some fresh air in here! It was one of those super proud parent moments, to appreciate fresh air something we take for granted most days!

What do you love most about spring? The thought of green grass again, retiring the shovel for a few months, walking outside with out the threat of breaking an ankle on 5 in thick ice sidewalks? My favorite thing about spring is the instant freshness in the morning when you walk out to the car, and of course the thought of green grass and flowers! So lets try to smile a little more, take a moment and let the sun hit your face, because soon we will be complaining about mosquitoes !! jk for real though . Have a fantastic week, enjoy the weather!

EXCITING EVENT March 30, 2019 join me at the peddlers market located a the Auditorium !Going to have some super cool things and a DIY bar to make your own creation, fresh floral and much much more.

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