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Colorful Flowers

  About Pockets Full of Posies  

Melissa Grilley owner of Pockets Full of Posies pictured with her husband & kiddos.
Colorful Flowers

Pockets Full of Posies is a locally owned business providing eclectic and unique items by way of the world of plants, florals and all things green. She has dubbed herself the "unconventional florist" not classically traines in the sense but self taught with over 20 years of floral industry knowledge. Pockets Full of Posies has been providing services for the last 5 years but has expanded exponentially in the last 3 years from custom gifts, full wedding floral services, workshops and much more.


Hi! My name is Melissa Grilley, I'm the owner of Pockets Full of Posies! I was born, raised and currently live in Nodak. I have a true passion for the magic, love, and creativity that can be expressed through plants, flowers and their beauty. I remember planting flowers and gardening with my family which turned into an absolute love for the outdoors and it’s elegance. I have always been creative but I don’t think I really knew it until I was older and could process it better! Most days my brain resembles skittles being thrown in the air, no joke, but I've grown to understand that's what makes me me and what makes me good at this! I've spent the last 18 years in the greenhouse industry where I experienced hands on skills that gave me extensive knowledge in growing, propagating, retail sales, and creating. Thanks to this experience, my brain is filled with a lot of random plant knowledge. My love and appreciation for different styles abounds, for real I love them all, the beauty is in each style's individuality! Some of my favorites are vintage, treasures (aka junk) or retro, done up with a modern flair. My favorite part about my creativeness is that I am self taught and learned through experience. I am not classically trained and so what comes out is unique, different, and a bit of a wild card; a perfect reflection of who I am at heart.


Beyond bursting with a bold, creative personality, I'm a totally nerd and I take a lot of pride in the creations that come out of Pockets Full of Posies. For me, it’s not about selling as much as I can. I want my creations to bring big smiles and happy hearts to my customers. I enjoy creating pieces that you can’t just go and buy anywhere and I know that all of my experiences, friendships, and my personality allow for the creation of truly special things for truly special people.


When I am not busy creating, you will most likely find me with my husband of 14 years and our two children, Hollis (9) and Laila (5) . They are my moon and stars. Pictured on the left is my well absolutely adorable family. Hollis has a knack for the sales world and you will more then likely see him working a pop up shop right along with me. Jesse well he is my guy who does all the jobs I am not really good at like breaking down boxes, cleaning up my messes, and my go to builder and heavy lifter. I know that my creative messiness drives him insane but he supports me 100 percent and that is true love for me. The then there is Miss Laila bug my wild child who loves the smell of flowers & coloring on every important piece of paper in the workshop. We truly are a family owned business and I cant wait to see what the future holds for my little family. 


Pictured on the right are my boss babes, my gang of creatives, my soul sisters and will always proudly say my sister businesses. In the middle that is Sara Danielson the most wonderfully, kind hearted gypsy soul collector of all things amazing. She has a wild eye for design & styling and she puts on a hell of an event. Sara owns & operates RaE Creates Rentals-Styling-Events & we have teamed up to offer a full event styling for weddings, special events whatever you might need. Next in line is the always fiery Kendra Colby who brings it all full circle with her incredible work ethic, organizational skills, the ability to keep us laughing & always on our toes. She owns & operates Pretty Little Things out of Velva, ND which specializes in handmade imperfectly perfect creations. She makes the most insanely gorgeous jewelry, loom & macramé pieces & much more. She recently has started creating custom sign as an addition to the wedding services we offer as a team. You will see her smiling face bopping around at most of our larger events because just like her heart she is always there to help no matter what.   

I'm a people person but just in case you're wondering if we can jive, some of my favorite things include: going to concerts, fringe, big dumb hats, tropical beaches, traveling and spending the summers at the lake. I also love the natural beauty found in the moon, sun and stars which shine so brightly here in ND and like the big nerd that I am, you will find those things in my logo. I look forward to the opportunity to create you something special.

Peace, love, flowers and plants,

- Melissa

Cory Garber Photography took this super cute picture of my little family show her some love and check her out!

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